Tips for Hiring Business Loan Brokers and Charges You Can Expect

Google-ing business loan brokers will give a numerous amount of results. There are thousands of people who promise to get you the best possible results in the process of acquiring your business loan. Perhaps these are the biggest promises that you will ever come across.

They may include providing capital for major expenditures as well as operational costs. If you decide to choose the service of business loan brokers, it is important to make sure you are working with the right person.

Who is a Business Loan Broker?

This is a professional who acts as a link between financial lenders and business owners. A broker comes in when you are looking for a source of funding and do not necessarily know the best way to start. The broker works for a fee (a flat rate or the total loan percent) and develops a solid understanding of the business. By outlining the amount of time that your business has been in existence, the revenue it has been able to generate and other factors, it will be easy to match you with potential lenders who offer fast business loans.

The Costs

The amount that business loan brokers charge for their services vary depending on how they will assist with your finances. There are brokers who require direct payments from your loan while others require upfront payment in order to secure their services. A majority of these professionals charge you for utilizing their services but there are a few who do not charge unless you are able to successfully match with your desired lender. When you need to quickly secure working capital, these loan brokers can provide invaluable services. But are they really worth the trouble?

Why Hire A Business Loan Broker?

The process of securing a small business loan can be quite hectic and this is the primary reason to hire a broker. Other benefits include:

Exploring Your Full Range of Options

Long gone are the days when you had to rely on banks to secure a loan. With the market for capital being larger than ever, the best broker will connect you to a range of financing options that will benefit your business.

Securing the Best Rates

When it comes to a business loan, getting a favorable rate can make all the difference. Business loan brokers have a network of lenders that may offer good rates. The professional will also give you a solid understanding of the market.

Industry Connections

Business loan brokers live and breathe of the small market. Therefore, it is only normal for them to develop strong relationships with lenders. The right broker will always use their connections to guide you towards making the right choice.

Delivering Expert Guidance

Securing a business loan comes with jargon that you may not necessarily understand. It may be difficult to interpret different terms that may affect your loan offer or the amount of money you will receive. This professional often explains the complicated verbiage that may come with your loan offer.

Just because you own a business does not mean you know everything about business financing. A broker is always there to shed light on the loaning process. It can be a good way to avoid startup valley of death.

What To Look Out For With Business Loan Brokers?

While finding that external funding source can be a ray of sunshine for your business, not all brokers necessarily have your best interest at heart. With a business loan broker, look out for the following.

Additional Fees

A broker who charges you any additional fees is not to be trusted. This is because brokers are paid by your loan supplier. As such, if you are being hounded for upfront payments, it may be time to work with a new professional.

No Experience

An amateur broker would not know what to do in terms of getting the best possible loan for your business. It is advisable to choose a broker who is well-versed in the industry and has gained immense knowledge and experience from years of finding loans.

No References

Reliable business loan brokers are always able to give details of their previous customers who will be able to offer your insight into their experiences. Working with a broker who has zero testimonials is a risk in itself.

Bad Credit Scores

Be wary of brokers who do not have a good credit rating. You may end up paying outrageous interest rates on a loan that was supposed to be beneficial for your company.

Difficult to Contact

A broker should always be easy to reach. In fact, they should have a free-to-call phone number in case you need to make any inquiries. Also, brokers who do not have any contact information or a physical address are often not legitimate.

Unsolicited services

Business loan brokers do not offer loans with a cold call or promotional letters in your mail. Therefore, beware of ‘professionals’ who are bent on offering unsolicited services without knowing whether you actually need them.

It’s Not Just About Getting Approved!

As a business owner, your finance needs will always change with your growing business. Due to seasonal income requirements, it can even change over a six month period. As such, having a good relationship with an experienced business loan broker is the best decisions that you can ever make for you and your business. Ideally this professional should work alongside your financial advisor or accountant.


When developing a strategy for choosing the best loan broker for your business, remember that it is easy to fall through the cracks. Make wise decisions that will benefit your business in the long run. By going directly to a bank, you will open up yourself to numerous charges and high interest rates for a business loan that may not be suitable for you. A broker will always find funding that will benefit you and be fundamental for your significant projects. This way, you will get to your next business milestone easily.